The beginnings of The Heath House

In the first of our blog posts about the history of the Philips family and The Heath House, we are focussing on the first recorded members of the Philips family.

The first records we have are of Francis Phylippe, born in 1552. He was married to Margaret and, as far as we are aware, it was this generation of the Philips family first lived in the Tean Valley. Their wealth was built on land and large estates that they acquired in the district.

The Heath House estate itself was bought by Nathaniel Philips in around 1690 after he married Elizabeth Stubbs, daughter and heiress from a neighbouring estate, The Shawe at Kingsley. We believe that it was this couple who built the first Heath House in the Georgian style in about 1720. The ground floor exterior was created with an ionic style colonnade.

This first version of the Heath House was lived in for 3 generations with little alteration. It wasn’t until 1834 that plans were put in place for The Heath House we know today…..


A Stunning Boutique Wedding by Jon Thorne

Jon Thorne is a fabulous photographer that has a magic touch when capturing special moments at The Heath House. The wedding of Mark and Shaun recently was no different. Read Jon’s blog post about the wedding itself when he shares some of the stunning photography from the day….

Think English. Then think of something really English. Then add a dollop of Englishness on top. Right, now add a sprinkling of style, sophistication and a pinch of elegance. Top it all off with a teaspoon of fun and laughter, then sit back and enjoy. Mark and Shaun’s wedding day was exactly this. An English countryside wedding, with touches splendour and excitement… oh, and a jazz fueled, vintage railway station…

Read more & see the beautiful images from the day.